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Based in Horsham, A1 Road Markings is a family-run company specialising in thermoplastic line marking for over 10 years. Whether undertaking road or car park marking projects in Brighton, our road marking contractors have developed a reputation for quality workmanship and professionalism. Our industry experience enables us to stay current with changing regulations for road and car park markings, ensuring that the work we carry out always complies with Highway Code standards.

The Department for Transport produces guidance and regulations to enable the traffic authorities in Brighton, and around the UK, to use road markings correctly. Our road marking contractors only install road, line and car park markings that comply with the current Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions (TSRGD), or those authorised by the Secretary of State for Transport.

Road markings convey vital information to road users, which road signs might not achieve alone. Not only do road markings offer guidance and warnings, but they also encourage better lane discipline and general safety on the roads.

In accordance with the regulations, our road marking contractors apply white road markings to regulate traffic and yellow markings to regulate parking.

For improved efficiency, A1 Road Markings uses preformed thermoplastic and hot applied thermoplastic line marking for projects in Brighton. Not only are these markings highly visible by day and by night, but they are extremely durable and can last for several years without fading, even under constant use.

We incorporate glass beads into our thermoplastic line markings to improve retroreflectivity, in accordance with the British Standard for road markings (BS EN 1436).

Car Park Markings and Bays in Brighton

The regulations for on-street and off-street parking bay dimensions vary depending on the vehicle type. TSRGD 2002 prescribed the different white bay line markings to outline parking spaces for specific vehicle types, like motorcycles and coaches, but TSRGD 2016 relaxed some of these regulations.

Our road marking contractors carry out projects in Brighton in accordance with the updated guidelines.

Some of these include:

  • Parking bays must be a minimum of 1.8m wide, although there is no longer a maximum width or any legislation governing the length of parking bays.
  • Disabled parking bays must be at least 3.6m wide for off-street parking, and at least 6.6m long and 2.7m wide for on-street parking.
  • Government guidelines suggest that 6% of parking space is designated for disabled parking.
  • In accordance with regulations, we use thermoplastic line markings to display clear surface marking for disabled and parent and toddler parking bays.
  • To ensure compliance with Health and Safety laws, our road marking contractors use thermoplastic line markings to clearly indicate traffic and pedestrian routes in car parks outside commercial premises.

As well as relaxing the permitted dimensions of parking bays, TSRGD 2016 enables traffic authorities in Brighton, and the rest of the UK, to employ a variety of car park markings to create parking spaces and bays on carriageways. Thanks to our expertise in thermoplastic line marking, we can install a range of patterns, logos and colour-contrasting surfaces, to suit your parking needs.

When it comes to road markings, A1 Road Markings understands regulations and legislation inside out, so our customers in Brighton can rest assured their road and car park markings are in safe hands with us.

Call our road marking contractors on 01403 563 320 or 07967 682 327 to learn about road marking regulations in Brighton.