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Removing Road, Line and Car Park Markings

At A1 Road Markings, we not only specialise in the application of thermoplastic line markings, but also the removal of old road, line, surface and car park markings. Whether due to fading or changes in traffic layouts, our road marking contractors remove line markings for domestic, commercial and industrial clients throughout the Horsham area. We deal with everything from playgrounds and sports courts, to warehouse flooring and public highways.

With over 10 years of industry experience, our road marking contractors use a range of specialised equipment and techniques to remove road, line and car park markings.

Some of the road marking materials A1 Road Markings can remove include:

  • Methyl-Methacrylate Resin (MMA)
  • Preformed Thermoplastic Line Markings
  • Polyvinyl Acetate Latex
  • Preformed Polymer Tape
  • Epoxy Paint
  • Water-Base Acrylic Paint
  • Chloroprene Rubber Adhesive Resin
  • Hot Applied Thermoplastic Line Markings

Whatever the purpose for your line marking removal needs in Horsham, A1 Road Markings delivers quality workmanship at competitive prices, with minimal surface damage.

Our road marking contractors have the knowledge and experience across a variety of removal techniques and equipment. This enables us to choose the appropriate and optimal method, depending on the condition, depth and location of the line markings.

Diamond Grinding – This technique involves shaving off the top layer of a surface, like concrete, which corrects imperfections and restores smoothness or friction characteristics. This cost-effective technique enables us to remove car park markings and line markings throughout Horsham, without the need for our clients to pay out for bituminous overlays.

Grinding is a popular method of line marking removals in Horsham, due to its simplicity and effectiveness, whilst causing minimal surface damage.

However, grinding cannot remove secondary or temporary marking tape.

Hydroblasting – Our road marking contractors employ this environmentally friendly method to remove every type of surface, line and car park marking materials throughout Horsham. This includes secondary tape and thermoplastic line markings. High-powered water jets remove marking materials without causing any surface damage whatsoever.

Sandblasting – This method employs a combination of sand and compressed air, to create a low-pressure sand jetting system. As this technique uses minimal amounts of abrasives and water, it is ideal for indoor applications, such as factory floors and warehouses.

Captive Shot Blasting – To remove surface paint, resins and thermoplastic line markings in an efficient and debris-free manner, our road marking contractors like to use captive shot. This involves firing a highly abrasive steel shot at the markings at an incredible speed. A separating system removes the dirt and debris from the shot, which is then recycled back into the firing mechanism for continuous usage.

A1 Road Markings use compact captive shot machines for confined spaces and indoor areas around Horsham.

Scabbling and Scarifying – Much like grinding, these methods both involve removing the surface layer of a material, such as concrete. While these techniques are useful for removing painted, taped and thermoplastic line markings, our road marking contractors also employ them for preparing a surface prior to installing new surface, road and car park markings.

Call our road marking contractors on 01403 563 320 or 07967 682 327 for line marking removal services in the Horsham area.