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Specialist road marking services

A1 Road Markings is a family-run line, surface and car park marking company, operating out of Horsham. Our road marking contractors have over 10 years’ industry experience, specialising in thermoplastic line marking services for domestic, commercial and industrial customers throughout Maidstone. Whether installing line markings for nursery playgrounds or theme park car parks, our personnel have the training and qualifications to handle a variety of specialist equipment and materials, for your line and road marking needs.

We utilise the following tools, materials and machinery to carry out a range of line, road and car park marking projects in the Maidstone area:

Preformed Thermoplastic – Our road marking contractors use this product when undertaking complex or bespoke thermoplastic line markings, such as disabled parking bay logos.

It comes readymade in a range of vibrant colours and can be pre-cut to a specific pattern or design.

Diamond Grinder – We use this machine for removing faded or outdated road and car park markings in Maidstone, as well as to smooth over surface imperfections before a new installation.

Bonding Agents – Sometimes thermoplastic line markings have difficulty bonding with certain surfaces, such as concrete. In such cases, our road marking contractors apply a high-quality tack coat prior to surfacing.

Personal Protective Equipment – For everything from colour surface application to car park marking removals, A1 Road Markings equips our personnel with protective gear, such as ear defenders, safety goggles, fire-resistant gloves, overalls, steel toed boots and high visibility jackets, in accordance with HSE.

Thermoplastic Hot Melt Kettle – We use this piece of equipment for hot applied thermoplastic line marking in the Maidstone area. The kettle heats the paint powder to around 200˚C and, once melted, continues to stir and melt the molten liquid to stop it from setting.

Road Marking Machine – Our road marking contractors pour molten thermoplastic into a screeding barrow, applying the viscous material to the road surface through an open gate, which we can adjust to the desired thickness to create a variety of line widths.

Thermal Lance – For the application of preformed thermoplastic for roads, surfaces and car park markings, we employ a single head propane gas torch.

Its suitable neck length and adjustable burn rate settings makes this a perfect tool for preformed thermoplastic line marking installations.

Hydro, Sand and Captive Shot Blasters – Our road marking contractors use all three implements for line marking removals in Maidstone. Each blaster has its advantages and disadvantages, and we use our knowledge and expertise to determine which is best suited for the job.

Whatever your line, road, surface or car park marking plans in Maidstone, A1 Road Markings has the experience, equipment and enthusiasm you need.

Call our road marking contractors on 01403 563 320 or 07967 682 327 to learn about our line marking equipment and materials in Maidstone.