page title icon Thermoplastic Line Marking in Guildford, Horsham and the South East

Thermoplastic Line Marking

At A1 Road Markings, our road marking contractors use thermoplastics for road, line and surface marking projects in and around Brighton, Guildford, Horsham, Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells. From car parks to school playgrounds, we utilise thermoplastic line marking to meet a diverse range of needs for clients all over the Kent, Surrey, Sussex and West Sussex regions.

Thermoplastic is a durable, hard-wearing material which can last for several years, or around one million tyre rollovers. This makes it an ideal, cost-effective substance for use on heavily trafficked roads.

When undertaking thermoplastic line marking in the South East, our road marking contractors utilise the following products and methods of application:

Hot Applied Thermoplastic

For this line marking technique, we melt thermoplastic powder paint to around 200˚C before applying it to the road or surface with a screed barrow and screeding tools. Our road marking contractors then quickly lay glass beads on top of the molten plastic, before it hardens in under 60 seconds.

A1 Road Markings mostly applies white and yellow line markings for road and surface marking projects in Brighton, Guildford, Horsham, Maidstone, Tunbridge Wells and the surrounding counties. However, thermoplastic line markings are available in a range of colours to suit our clients’ needs.

Thermoplastic line marking paint consists of:

  • Synthetic Resin – This is the basic raw material which makes up all plastics. Thermoplastic resin melts when heated and quickly hardens when cooled. Our road marking contractors can repeat this process multiple times without changing the functionality or appearance of the material.
  • Pigments – Compounds like titanium dioxide produce white line markings, while heat-resistant yellow lead creates bright yellow line markings.
  • Additives – Specific chemical compounds protect the paint from colour fading, wear and tear and pollution.
  • Packing Materials – These improve durability, weather-resistance and colour protection.
  • Glass Beads – Our road marking contractors apply these to freshly-laid thermoplastic before it cools, to improve brightness, retroreflectivity, durability and anti-skid performance.

Our road marking contractors use thermoplastic line marking paint for a range of domestic, commercial and industrial projects around Brighton, Guildford, Horsham, Maidstone, Tunbridge Wells and the surrounding areas.

Preformed Thermoplastic

This product comes in rolls of tape for standard lines, or in pre-cut designs as requested by our customers in the South East. Our road marking contractors apply this thermoplastic tape using a gas torch, priming or heating the surface beforehand if necessary.

A1 Road Markings utilise this ready-made product to create complex logos and intricate line markings, for our clients in Brighton, Guildford, Horsham, Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells.

Preformed thermoplastic line markings are even more durable and cost-effective than hot applied thermoplastic line markings, because the plastic melts directly into the surface. This causes greater adhesion, reduces wear and tear and protects against damage from vehicles such as snowploughs.

Whichever product and technique we adopt, our road marking contractors have the skill and experience to deliver quality results at competitive prices.

We also offer nationwide coverage for the right client.